I have been so pleased with the excellent service from Christine regarding the care of my Boxer dog, William. He had hurt himself and was limping badly on his right front leg. I had been to the vet and restricted his exercise, but he still continued to limp. After a few sessions with Christine he has greatly improved. William now plays football in the garden (he couldn’t before), is now enjoying walks and has built up the wasted muscle in his shoulder. He even chases my younger boxer through the fields which he couldn’t do before. So, thank you Christine for giving me back my young, cheeky Boxer dog again. Linda Dodsworth, owner of William.

Christine first treated our 14 year old spaniel. After only the first treatment it was amazing how much better he felt. He could walk again and get up easily. He lived an amazing further two years and we stopped giving him pain killers. I can honestly say that without Christine’s regular treatment we wouldn’t have these remaining years with our dearest friend which he spent happily and pain free.

Christine has also been able to help our horses, our shire cross who suffers from arthritis has also been bucking and feeling the joys of spring after treatment and the most wonderful result was the treatment she gave to our rescue pony. This pony was quite grumpy and mareish, generally she would greet us with her ears back and didn’t seem to engage in life. However, after only a single treatment with Christine the pony had a complete change in her personality. Once the pain was relieved she became much happier and more engaged with us and much more positive and friendly.

I have seen over 8 different “back people” since my childhood, reporting pain in my lower back. It was only age 30, when I met Christine, that she spotted the pain was coming from my coccyx. None of the previous back people had found this issue which was tucked away at the very end of my spine and had caused me years of pain. Christine was able to fix it for me and now my back feels tremendous. She’s also been able to cure my niece’s back ache and transform her posture in a few treatments. There isn’t anyone in our household who hasn’t benefited from her expertise. Ms. N.

We can’t recommend Christine highly enough. She has worked on my own dogs for nearly three years now and we’ve been running Day Clinics at To The Manor Bourne for eighteen months. We couldn’t manage without her!! Vicky Martin, Owner of To The Manor Bourne Luxury Home Dog Boarding.

Christine has being treating my dogs for a number of years now. I have three dogs, all of which do agility competitively. Ben-Collie-10 Years, Stig-Collie-4 Years, Fling-German Klein Spitz-1 Year. My dogs need to be kept in optimum condition and fitness to help achieve their full potential, just like human athletes who are checked regularly to make sure that they are musculoskeletally in the best condition for training and competition.

When Ben was eight years old I noticed that he didn’t seem 100% and his stomach didn’t feel right. Christine palpated his abdomen and found something amiss with his spleen. He was taken in for an ultrasound and two different veterinary opinions, all of which concluded that there was a lump on the spleen.

His spleen was removed and a few weeks later Christine started Ben’s rehab, helping reduce the scar tissue and making sure that his skeleton was in good shape after the operation. I never thought that Ben would compete over large height agility again. But, thanks to Christine’s fantastic treatment not only has he come back, he’s competing over large height and is competitive in large championship classes. I’m so pleased, and so is Ben, to be back running together. I couldn’t recommend Christine’s treatments more highly.

My dogs absolutely LOVE Christine; all I have to do it mention “Christine” before they run to the front door or to my van. When they see her they greet her and then run straight to where she treats them, wagging their tails. Lucy Osborne, owner of Agility Buds Dog Training.

I first consulted Christine when I had pain in the left side of my neck and pins and needles and numbness in the fingers of my left hand. I had had neck problems before as I have had a few car accidents and my job places a lot of stress on my body anyway as I work as a plumber. After a few sessions of treatment from Christine my neck felt so much better. It was looser, no longer painful and the numbness and tingling had disappeared. I’m so pleased that I was able to avoid the steroid injections that the doctor thought I might need. I now see Christine regularly for maintenance treatments so that I can stay pain-free and better able to do my job. Mr S.

I first visited Christine after a horse related accident left me in severe pain and with restricted movement of my shoulder and neck. Following a detailed and thorough assessment, Christine’s initial treatment addressed my immediate pain, making it possible for me to continue with my job. Subsequent treatments then rebalanced and supported my body as it healed. Her level of skill is superb and her treatment always leaves me feeling great with the confidence of carrying on with my day-to-day activities. She also took the time to advise me about self-help techniques that could prevent re-injury and encourage healing.

Christine is highly professional, approachable, kind and incredibly informative. She never rushed my treatment and helped me get control of my injury.

I have experienced many different types of physical therapies over the years, but without doubt find the McTimoney technique, when delivered by an expert like Christine, to be the most effective. For me, McTimoney therapy is an integral part of my preventative health care as well as being indispensable in addressing injuries old and new. Ms H.

Christine is one of those people you meet in life and swear they have magical powers. My greyhound Gladys collapsed losing the use of three of her legs. The prognosis was bad with little or no hope of recovery – I was assured she would never walk again without spinal surgery.

She was carried in a duvet into Christine’s clinic and one hour later she was standing unaided in the back of my car!!

A year later she is able to run full stretch on the beach. Her maintenance sessions (for my peace of mind) have now spread to 6 weeks apart and I’m the proud owner of a very healthy happy pooch. I can’t thank Christine enough and recommend her to anyone who will listen. Sally Canning, owner of Gladys.

I have had a long term lower back problem from an old injury. It flared up about a year ago, and the pain has been getting worse. I tried osteopaths, physiotherapy, massage for sports injuries, all sorts – none of which took away the constant pain. I decided I was stuck with it. However, my wife persuaded me to try McTimoney chiropractic. After the first visit I felt the difference. And 4 weeks later I am clear of pain and restricted movement. I can reach down and put my socks on easily again! What a relief. Thank you Christine. Mr S.

I had a horrific riding accident June 2010 and suffered a lateral compression fracture of my pelvis (like a crushed polo mint!), among other less serious injuries. I spent 2 and a half years bed bound but 5 operations later I was allowed to stand. After a year of weekly physio I was told that, although I was walking with a crutch, things prob wouldn’t get much better. Then I met Christine East!

My pelvis is full of metalwork and will never perform as it did. I also get other related leg, back, shoulder and neck problems as a result of the lack of mobility in my pelvis. I will always struggle to walk, stand and sit. However, Ms East manages to keep me functioning and more mobile than I ever thought possible. To all you non believers out there I was a very sceptical post-doctoral scientist lol!! Don’t knock it until you have tried it, This woman is well worth a visit. Ms G.